Who Lived On Time Avenue (2016) was a short film made for the Charlotte 48hr Film Project. Myself and a team had to make a short film within 48 hrs of receiving our assigned genre's, character names, and a prop. The genre's we got were time travel and/or comedy. My good friend, Taylor Montalto, was looking for some people to work with for the challenge and since I had did it the year prior I joined her team. I don't know if you've ever made a film from a seven page script in a day but it's really exhausting. A 48hr film project is awfully fun but if you ever do it just know that means you'll be up for about two days in a row trying to complete a film. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have a large team (we had a medium sized team) you will all run into issues with writing it because everyone wants to be able to get their ideas into the film. There'll also be times when other crew members try to overstep the director. It's important that everyone keep to their jobs and do them the best they can. I may do another 48hr film challenge, but it all depends.