TIcket was the first film I worked on as a Director of Photography and my second time working with Adam Getz. There were a lot of firsts on this film for me. It was the first time being a Director of Photography, first time filming in downtown Wilmington, first time spending an entire day filming, and the first time working on a legit short film production. I've made films in the past but I never had a proper crew nor proper equipment.
Unlike my other experiences as a director of photography, adam getz, the director, came up with the shotlist and knew how he wanted the film to look. not much later on in my career, i would collaborate with the director on the shotlist, lighting, and blocking well ahead of time. Even my next short film with Adam (getz) would have this level of collaboration. It's hard to say what I would have brought to the table, or have done differently at the time. As I mentioned, I hadn't been behind the camera on someone else's film before and I was still learning about the art of cinematography.