This is one of those quick turnaround projects I made in March/April of 2016. For years, I had this concept of a taxi driver picking up a criminal and getting dragged along with him. For 2016's MyRodeReel competition, I decided to take the scene where they meet and condense it into a three minute short. My buddy from Feast Coast (2016), Justin Davis, helped me iron out the script and make it fit three pages of script. I recruited a crew of just my friends from the film department at UNCW. This film is the first time I solely produced my own short film. I'm used to either directing and having another producer on board, or just producing someone else's film. I mainly wanted to see if I wanted to continue writing this project. I'm still on the fence about it but I'm willing to make it into a feature-length film. I'd appreciate it if someone co-wrote it with me.