Swoon (2015) was the first film I got to solely focus on being a producer. The director, Jacob Joyner, had asked me if I wanted to be involved since he and I were taking a Bollywood film class at the time and I asked if he needed a producer. This is the only time I setup an IndieGogo for a film and it raised it's entire budget within a couple of days. I knew from then it was off to a good start. We got a great location with Tidal Creek Co-op and we were able to film there for a couple of nights. Unfortunately I only got to be on set the first night and I wish I got to be there both nights. After filming, I didn't hear anything for about a month or so until I saw it as a submission for Reel Teal Film Festival. I was amazed with how great it turned out, as did the rest of the Reel Teal film committee. It was easily a pick to play in the festival and it won two awards that night: Audience Choice and Best Local Film. I wasn't involved for very long but I wish I was so I have more to say about the film. Getting to work on Swoon was easily one of the highlights of my career as a film student.