Strangers (2015) is the first short film that I wrote, produced, and directed. It's not the best in quality (believe me, I know), but I wanted to get the film out there just so I don't get asked about it again. Pre-Production of the film started in April 2014 and filming took place in October 2014. The first version of the script was written back in 2011 when I was just sixteen years old. My main inspiration for the film is David Fincher's Zodiac and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. The final film you see here was completed in 2015. Being a student and a filmmaker at the same time is tough. About half of the crew working on the film were new to working on a film set, but it was full of people I knew where young and wanting to make a film. I had recruited some fellow film department friends, who I had worked with on previous films, for the higher level positions. To be flat out honest, I wasn't entirely happy with how the film turned out. I was afraid for a while to submit it to festivals and post it online. I even through in a couple of copyrighted songs just to insure that the film would not go anywhere. This kind of thing will happen to all first time filmmakers. I've learned by now that you will make bad films and you have to accept them because every film you make is a learning experience and if it turned out bad it's a bigger learning experience than your good films.