Unlike the other films I have listed on my website, Spin was a film where I wasn't a director, producer, DP, or any other significant role. I was simply a Behind-the-scenes operator on it. I listed it because it's the first Red Giant film I've gotten to work on. Red Giant is a filmmaking software company that produces its own plugins for editing and visual effects. They have tons of much-needed tools to make independent film projects look more professional. I love to use their program Plural Eyes which automatically synchronizes video clips and sound files. Red Giant makes a number of short films per year so they can show off their products and, luckily, a UNCW Film Studies alumni got to make one of these films.
The director, Leo Hageman, reached out to the film department at UNCW looking for a BTS Operator and I applied for it and got the job. I went up to Raleigh for a couple days and helped the extremely small crew make this film. I never got to go to the farm they shot at because they could only pay me for one day of shooting. The main film was shot on a Sony FS7 while I was shooting the behind-the-scenes on a Sony A7sII. The DP for the project, Duncan Hill, was also a UNCW alumnus. He and I were both officers for a student organization called Flicker Film Society. Just not the same time. He was an officer years before I had even been to college. Another UNCW person was on the crew: Eric Patterson. Eric was a computer science and film studies teacher who specialized in Digital Arts. I never had him as a teacher but I've only heard good things about him. Overall, the project was a lot of fun and I'm completely blown away with the end product.