As of february 2021, this film hasn't even been announced yet. We filmed this project way back in july 2020 during the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. 
"Night Light" was a very interesting opportunity project because myself and a few others were reading "Tiny Horror stories" from the instagram page of the same name. We each decided to take one or two of them and adapt them into micro-short films. "Night Light" wasn't the first one I wrote, but when I stumbled upon the post, I immediately thought this story was in the same alley as David F. Sandberg's short films. If you had to boil the premise for each film down, they'd be "A woman discovers she is not alone." The original tiny horror story for "Night Light" was so basic and to the point that I thought it could be written and produced within a matter of a few weeks. My buddy, Alex Ayres, helped me write the short script and produce the film. I made a casting post on instagram and my friend Tabata Burdell reached out and she was on board. 
We rearranged my living room, and some of my old roommate's furniture, to make a sizeable bedroom. Without giving too much of the plot or any story spoilers away, the script required for the room to have a lot of sources of light that were to be on all the time. SO Alex and I combined our lamps and any other lighting materials to bring this key aspect of the script to life. Filming itself took about 4.5 hours. We didn't have to rush anything because the actual script was about a single page in length. THe film would've been edited much earlier, but I ran into computer problems which really delayed things. Right now, there is a full rough cut but little sound and no music. I knew from the beginning we would have to rebuild the sound from the ground up but luckily there's no dialogue.
I'll be sure to update the page with a teaser and some more images as soon as I can.