Loose Ends (2017) is a mini web series produced by Studio Eclipse and my company, Cygnus Films. The inception of the series started when Will Brewster, Robert Smith III, Arianna Tysinger, and myself were incredibly bored during the summer and wanted to make a film. Back when I took an acting class, we had an assignment where we had to interpret open scenes and act them out. I had a similar assignment in my Intro to Film Production class. The concept of "open scenes" is that it's a pre-written script of just basic dialogue. It has no action lines or any sense of direction whatsoever. The purpose is to be creative and build the scene around the dialogue. When we stumbled upon five scripts, we each read them and came up with some ideas and work out which ones were the best. Will mentioned a mobster execution scene for one of the scripts, and I had the idea of two guys hiding a dead body for another. Eventually we made all the scripts tie into each other and have a continuous storyline. We went from writing to producing to filming multiple episodes within three weeks. This is what we in the industry call "stupid." As of right now, I'm editing two of the episodes while my friend Alysha Pytlarz is editing the other two. A trailer will be edited soon and posted online.
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