A real estate agent attempts to sell an old house with a shady past.
Full Disclosure was yet another project made for the 48hr Film Project. This time it took place in Indianapolis. My cousin/Executive Producer, Jason Breitwieser, invited a few of us from Atlanta to travel up for the weekend and participate. One of the bigger benefits with this is that Jason had some pull for a few interesting locations. I really wanted to use some of them but our required character profession was real estate agent and it’s better to shoot in a house for that. Luckily Jason’s place was near empty on one floor. Coming up from Atlanta was myself, Sean Davis, Alex Ayres, and Kaitlin King. Kaitlin wasn’t apart of the Enchantress crew and this is her first time on the Cygnus Films team. The remainder of the cast and crew were native to Indiana. Stephen H. Pattison and Jaime Casida were our talent in front of the camera. Jaime being the required character Darlene Giordano. Behind the camera was our editor, Nick Heighway, PA who was promoted to Sound Mixer, Aidan Sturgeon, a key PA, Rita Cripe, and another PA who helped set up our super editing machines, Derek Keller. 
It was a significantly smaller crew this time around. One PA got called into work a couple days before the event and one didn’t even show up AT ALL! Never even heard from her. If there’s one thing I can’t stand is someone not only being a no-show but not even reaching out to say “Hey I’m running late” or “Hey I can’t show up.” I literally heard nothing from this person. Needless to say, I won’t be inviting her back to work with us again. I also don’t see her having much of a future in this industry. I’ll stop ranting now but that was our first issue we ran into on the day of shooting.
I will be honest, this project doesn’t feel as special to me as Enchantress did. Enchantress did have it’s issues but it did feel like a lot of hard work paid off into a full short film. Full Disclosure, to me felt rushed in a sense. When I asked our editor, Nick, what the runtime was on the rough cut, it barely eclipsed the minimum 4-minute requirement. The final runtime ended up being 5:10 with credits and title cards. Unfortunately, we didn’t have to cut anything from the film but we also didn’t have anything to add either. I know Jason wanted it to be amazing since he got a lot of really great equipment and had some good locations under his sleeve, but the issue is mainly the fact we were understaffed. I didn’t know what the film climate in Indiana was like before this project and I still don’t know what it’s like after. It’s nowhere near as strong or as populated as Atlanta is. Finding crew was significantly harder this time around. We originally had 4 PA’s signed up, but after one got called in for work, another being promoted to sound mixer, and one not showing up we only had one PA who could run errands and do small stuff for us. She was great by the way. To me, it felt like Enchantress has a few more issues but Full Disclosure has bigger issues. It’s all part of the filmmaking process though. The 48hr Film Project is made to create these kind of issues and test you and in the end we get a whole short film to show around to people. 
On the plus side, we ran into no equipment hiccups during shooting. We were able to seamlessly shoot everything and our shots look pretty good. I have no complaints about the depth in each shot. I as able to get good backgrounds in each shot and nothing felt too bland. It does require some better color grade work and definitely needs better sound design. Fortunately these things can be done after the fact if we want to send it to festivals and what not. We’re still working on post-sound for Enchantress so once that is done I can focus on the post-sound for Full Disclosure.
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