Adam Fackelman
Hello!  My name is Adam Fackelman and I am a freelance filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer, and all-around artist.  I have been a student and a patron of the arts for my entire life and I am building a career out of my passions.  I received a B.A. degree in Film Studies, Cinematography and Film/Video Production graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  Originally from Charlotte, NC, I moved to Atlanta after graduation to be closer to the gargantuan film and television industry here.
I’ve been creating videos since 2005 when YouTube hit the scene and I was inspired by the original creators of sketches and content on YouTube.  During my adolescent years, I focused on gaining the technical knowledge for my budding interest in filmmaking.  In high school and college, I obtained hands on experience while working on over 50 student projects, including award-winning films such as Feast Coast and 1994 AD.  I work on both Narrative and Documentary films, with a handful having been accepted into multiple film festivals including Cucalorus and Visions.  I’ve also had the pleasure of creating graphics and animations for films and for marketing & promotional materials.  I particularly enjoy animating with Adobe After Effects and have over 7 years of experience using it.
My photography career began earlier than my filmmaking.  I didn’t start out to be a photographer, but rather pursued it as a fun hobby.  As a kid I was a fan of skateboarding and I would use disposable film cameras to snap photos of my friends skating.  Years later, I got a DSLR camera that allowed me to improve both my photography and my filmmaking skills since it could do both.  I now own a Sony A6300.  I’ve worked as a photographer for various companies and festivals such as the Atlanta Film Festival and my work has been featured on social media platforms and in newspapers. 
I’m an all-around artist and take pride in being a jack-of-all-trades.  I seek opportunities that capitalize on my expertise and lifelong passion for filmmaking, photography, and graphic design.  I have a high proficiency level in all three areas and work intensely to exceed the expectations of each one of my clients.   If you wish to hire me or collaborate with me, please head over to my Contact Me page and send me a message.  I will respond promptly.