In December of 2014, my friend Adam Getz had sent me a Facebook message asking me to be the Director of Photography on this film with a short pitch and an early draft of the script. Without even reading the script I accepted the role. This would be my fourth time working under Adam Getz as a Director. I first worked as his camera operator on a short sketch called "No More Wishes," and then I got my first role as a Director of Photography for his film "Ticket." The following summer he contacted me to be the DP for a Dance-a-lorus film called "Love or Not" which was released in the fall of 2014. For an entire semester we met once a week and shot the film for eight days in May 2015. Adam Getz had also asked me to record a few guitar tracks since grunge music was a central theme to the film. This film had some of the most complicated shots I had ever accomplished as a DP. The camera operator, Cam McHutchinson, was a big help in getting these shots become a reality. This is the first film I worked on that had a really thorough planning and had a legit art department to handle props and set design. The film got into Wilmington's biggest film festival, Cucalorus, and won the audience choice award at Reel Teal Film Festival a few months later.